Best Software Introduces TimeslipsÆ for Sole Practioners

My spin I was on vacation for 10 days in Jamaica, hence a late posting of this and maybe some other news items…sorry.
Press Clip: Atlanta, GA, February 24, 2003 – Best Software today announced the general availability of Timeslips for Sole Practioners, an entry level version of Timeslips that caters to the time and billing needs of smaller professional service firms.
Timeslips for Sole Practioners offers many of the popular features and functions of the standard edition of Timeslips, but is tailored to the needs of smaller firms with 1-2 people who perform billable tasks.
“The standard version of Timeslips is the leading, most comprehensive time and billing software available, but it can sometimes be more than smaller professional services firms need at the outset,” said Mike Savory, product manager, Timeslips. “Timeslips for Sole Practioners enables smaller firms to move away from an antiquated manual timekeeping method to a more efficient and productive way of tracking and billing for their time and the services they provide.”