Can Maximizer challenge GoldMine Software

Well read what Ralph Kretchmar, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Maximizer Software Inc. tells
FrontRange has many customers, a loyal base of users and is a well-known brand name. Can Maximizer effectively compete head-on?
Absolutely, we are confident that our product, Maximizer Enterprise is much more customer-centric than GoldMine’s offering. We are told by our customers, time and time again, that our product gives them what they want and need which is–sales, marketing and customer service all in one integrated suite. We currently have a loyal customer base of 5,000 Maximum Enterprise users. But, as you’re probably aware, the SMB CRM market is so under-penetrated; we are looking to expand our market share in this growing market.
Is price and a better product enough– i.e. look at Apple vs. Microsoft or even Linux vs. Microsoft; Microsoft vs. Intuit?
Of course, there are examples of companies that have great product but have not won the battle from a business perspective for one reason or another. However, we don’t intend to be one of those companies. Our belief is that if you sell what the customer wants and needs at the right price, you’ll win. That’s why we’ve introduced our new reduced and simplified pricing. We want to meet FrontRange at each and every negotiating table and take them on deal by deal. We are confident that we can win.
Why go up against the competition, which is harder to do than focusing on up-selling to existing customers as many other vendors are doing?
We are currently up-selling to our existing customer base but we also want to go up against FrontRange because we meet their existing and former customers on a daily basis. We believe that we have a better product at a better price and we intend to steal market share. No one currently owns the CRM market for SME but we intend to try to be the best CRM provider in the space.