CNet: AOL flips open e-mail Communicator

My spin But why has it taken AOL so LONG to put together a much better email client? The current AOL client is a piece of junk – this one, whatever it is should be better.
News Clip: America Online is giving subscribers an early taste of its AOL Communicator e-mail client, an upgrade designed to appeal to its more tech-savvy members. The AOL Time Warner unit said Friday it has released a preview of the e-mail software, which comes bundled with instant messaging and address book features.
The software’s interface and functionality mirrors that of Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail client, where a user’s mail folders are organized in a left-hand column and individual messages can be viewed in a window below the in-box.
Other features include digital encryption of e-mails, the forwarding of messages from POP and IMAP (Internet message access protocol) servers, and a spam filter that directs suspected junk e-mail into a separate folder.
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