Do-it-Yourself Software Helps Solve Data Dilemmas by Finding “Lost” Computer Files

My spin If data is lost and you need it back and it’s NOT in the recycle bin, what can you do? Well here’s a solution, althought “lite” that my help. I’m sure there’s limitations to this program, which I’m in the process of finding out also.
News Clip: Ontrack Data Recovery’s EasyRecovery (TM) Lite 6.0 – Recovering Data for Only $89
MINNEAPOLIS, February 26, 2003 – Kroll Ontrack Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kroll Inc. (Nasdaq: KROL) which provides electronic evidence solutions and Ontrack Data Recovery software and services, today announced an advanced version of its EasyRecovery (TM) “do-it-yourself” data recovery software. EasyRecovery Lite 6.0 can recover up to 25 files per recovery session for just $89, providing an inexpensive means for computer users to recover data lost due to hard drive failure, virus attack, power outage, human error, or a variety of other causes. (full story)