eGain bad customer service but it sells customer service software

My spin I was visiting eGain’s web site this morning doing some research for my upcoming book, “Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses”.
I saw a great case study on their web site, but guess what?. When I went to download it – I had to register!!! I know why they want me to register, to get customer information (which is fine) but why not make it optional?
It’s bad business, when corporate web sites try to be portals and force uses to register before seeing any content that they should be HAPPY customers want to see. In any case, once I registered, a box pops up telling me that the report is going to be emailed to me.
What if I don’t want the report mailed, but want to see it in my web browser, like every other PDF doc I look at. What if I had a VERY slow ‘net connection and didn’t want a fat PDF file. Or what if I was at an airport kiosk and could not get to my mail.
To make matters worse, I went to the “press room” and guess what…there’s no PR contact. I only found the PR contact by looking at a past press release!