Eudora – so simple, so powerful, so much better than Microsoft Outlook

HP’s Evo N800v is chugging along quite nicely as has all of the hardware I’ve been using here in Palm Springs – except for two things.
1. needs to improve it’s infrastructre. Several times per years it’s “down” for several hours at most – but for me, that’s too often. Yesterday I had to manually FTP news to – that was a pain
2. But the most annoying thing is Micorosft Outlook. Eudora is my email program of choice in my office and home computers. However, since MSO was installed on this computer, I thought to give it a try. It has worked well enough many times, but it’s so overly complex and difficult to setup and use. I got so frustrated using MSO that I downloaded Eudora and am now emailing just fine with no problems.