Maximizer: Maximizer Software targets

My spin We’ve seen these press releases before. While it’s nobale that Maximizer Software is going after FrontRange’s GoldMine, I’m not so sure if that’s what they should be doing. Can Maximizer really pull a significant amount of customers from FrontRange – who has the brand, a large base of users and many loyal/long time users. Time will tell.
News Clip: VANCOUVER – March 25, 2003 – Maximizer Software Inc., a leading provider of innovative customer relationship management (CRM) and contact management solutions announced today that it plans to go head to head with market rival, FrontRange Solutions Inc. (makers of GoldMine) to win additional customers, business partners and market share.
“We’re going after our competition head on,” said Ralph Kretchmar, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Maximizer. “We have a better product with Maximizer Enterprise and with our new simplified and reduced pricing we’re going to take them on deal by deal and win.”