My spin PDA solutions are on the rise. I’ve used Cutting Edge Software’s Quickoffice for several months now and although it’s a bit slow (slower than my PDA’s word pad – I type VERY fast and it can’t keep up) it’s extensive features and bundled applications make it a must have.
Press Release: Palm OS Devices Now Open, View and Edit Native Word, Excel and PowerPoint Files
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., February 27, 2003 — Mobility Electronics, Inc. (Nasdaq/NMS: MOBE), a leading provider of innovative portable computing solutions for the mobile computer user, announced the public beta release of its Cutting Edge Software subsidiary’s Quickoffice Premier Version 7.0. The new release is the first and only available Palm OS Office suite to include support for native PC-created Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats. Support for native file formats is provided for files saved on expansion storage cards, or those received via infrared beaming, through Bluetooth file transfers, or as e-mail attachments.
“Quickoffice Premier represents a major improvement in devices,” said Michael Mace, chief competitive officer for PalmSource, Inc. “By enabling users to open Microsoft Office files without converting them first on a PC, Quickoffice Premier extends the Palm OS advantage in working with Microsoft Office files.”
Quickoffice Premier supports any device using Palm OS 3.5 and above including Palm OS 5 handhelds from Palm and Sony. In addition, its total memory requirements are less than the leading competitor’s applications that lack native support. Quickoffice Premier achieves outstanding performance; quickly opening native Office 97 and later format files with high fidelity — even on smartphones or handhelds using older 33MHz Motorola Dragonball processors. Furthermore, the Premier edition of Quickword enables users to view, edit, save, and create files fully compatible with Word 97, 2000, or XP on the device itself.
The benefits of native file support include the ability to:
*Seamlessly exchange files between Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds and Macintosh or Windows PCs, whether wirelessly or transferred via removable expansion storage media;
*Open Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments received via e-mail on a Palm Powered handheld;
*Create or edit e-mail attachments in Quickword so any recipient can open them regardless of the computing platform they are using.
Quickoffice Premier supports opening native Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from all removable media types including Sony’s proprietary Memory Stick and MultiMediaCard and Secure Digital formats used in Palm, Kyocera, AlphaSmart and other devices. High-capacity removable media allows users to keep all of their important files with them, and removable media card readers enable users to quickly back up hundreds of files for handheld access. The native file access provided by Quickoffice Premier antiquates past methods requiring handheld device users to rely upon translation of each individual file on the PC before installing to a handheld device.
The capability to open and use native format Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments gives immediate benefit to users of all currently available Palm OS smartphones. Quickoffice Premier is compatible with the Handspring Treo 270 and 300, Kyocera 6035 and 7135, Samsung SPH-I300, SPH-I330 and soon-to-be-released SPH-I500, as well as the recently announced Palm Tungsten W. In combination with leading e-mail solutions like Snapperfish Ltd’s SnapperMail, office file attachments can be opened and forwarded to anyone.
“By combining Quickoffice Premier with high speed wireless e-mail access of the soon-to-be-released Samsung SPH-I500 smartphone, our customers will enjoy unparalleled capabilities for working with their Office files while on-the-go,” said Todd Person, business development manager at Samsung Telecommunications America. “Quickoffice Premier enables our customers to have full access to Office e-mail attachments without waiting for a laptop to boot up.”