MYOB US, Inc. Pledges to Stop the QuickBooksÆ Twitch! Announces $100 Refund on AccountEdge for QuickBooks Users

My spin Amazing. a) that Intuit does not have a Mac / PC version b) that MYOB would give $100 for Quickbooks users to switch to MYOB!
Press Clip: February 26, 2003 (Rockaway, NJ) QuickBooks users who find themselves twitching in frustration at their inability to switch from QuickBooks for Windows to Mac can find a cure in MYOB AccountEdge version 3, the latest in an evolution of MYOB products spanning 13 generations on the Mac.
And now there are 100 more reasons to switch to MYOB AccountEdge. MYOB US, Inc. is giving a $100 refund to QuickBooks users who purchase MYOB AccountEdge v3 between February 26, 2003 and March 31, 2003. Rebate Claim Forms and offer details are available on the MYOB US website at
“When QuickBooks came back to the Mac, many users anticipated ditching that last PC in their office and returning to an all-Mac environment,” said Cynthia Mackewicz, General Manager, MYOB US. “But without cross-platform functionality, the ability to convert their Windows company files to QuickBooks Mac, or the availability of updated features, many QuickBooks users are starting to twitch in frustration.”