New Management Guide Transforms Techies Into Managers

TORONTO, Feb. 28 – Climbing the ladder to become an IT Manager is a difficult and scary proposition for many IT professionals. “The skills they used to reach their current position need to be significantly augmented before they can step in and function as a manager,” says John Sloan, author of “Mastering Management: Essential Management Tools and Techniques for IT Professionals.” “The problem is not that most IT professionals don’t have the intelligence to become IT managers, it’s that they don’t have the proper
tools or training,” says Sloan.
As technology begins to play a more strategic role in companies and IT departments get larger, management issues are overtaking technical issues as the determining factor in the success of corporate IT managers. “Many IT professionals bring strong technical backgrounds to their current positions. They began as network administrators, programmers or system analysts and worked their way up. The problem is that they have not received any formal management training along the way and they lack the techniques and tools to become effective managers,” adds Sloan.
Sloan, a Senior Research Analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, recognized that there was a need for a reference guide designed specifically for IT professionals. “IT professionals spend the better part of their lives putting out fires. They don’t have the time to spend days in a classroom learning management techniques.”
More than a year of work, and 15+ year’s worth of experience, went into creating “Mastering Management”. The result is a unique quick reference guide for IT professionals that includes more than 300 pages of management best practices and 50 ready-to-use templates and tools.
The guide is published by Info-Tech Research Group and is available for sale on their Web site at Six major topics are covered: Leadership and Supervision, Manager Communication, Governance and Performance Metrics, Budgeting and Finance, Managing IT Human Resources, Purchasing and Procurement.
Info-Tech Research Group is a research and professional services firm focused on providing premium research and advice geared to the specific needs of IT Managers of mid-sized organizations.
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