New Web site promotion tool helps webmasters to get high

My spin I was very hesitant to post this new item as I think the best solution to promoting one’s web is the hard work of search engine optimization and building links from other sites to your own. However….here it is
Press Release: 25 February 2003 – today announced a new version of their Web site promotion tool Internet Business Promoter (IBP) for webmasters and Web agencies.
IBP combines three Web site promotion tools that help webmasters to get more visitors to their sites. It contains tools to optimize Web pages for a top 10 ranking, to analyze the keyword density of Web pages and to check search engine rankings.
The new version 2.0 adds the “Top 10 Ranking Optimizer” tool which compares your Web page with the top 10 ranked pages
for any given keyword on one out of 250 search engines.
It creates a report that tells you in plain English what you have to do to achieve a similar ranking. The reports can be
saved in PDF, HTML or text format and they can be customized by Web agencies.
IBP is the only Web site promotion tool that is able to compare Web pages with the top 10 ranked pages.
There are four different editions: The freeware Lite edition analyzes only two Web page elements (the document title and
the Meta Keywords tag), the Standard edition analyzes all Web page elements and the Professional and Business editions
are designed for Web agencies that manage sites for clients.
– Detailed information about IBP can be found here: