NY Times: Ease of Paperless E-Mail Sidelines the Forlorn Fax

My spin Fax? What’s that. I have an e-fax number and I get more JUNK faxes than anything else. For my real fax machine – same thing. I can count on my finders (and mabye toes) the amount of faxes I’ve sent in the past 12 months too!
News Clip: ALEXANDER BAIN, a Scottish inventor, patented the technology for the fax machine in 1843. At that time, telegraph lines transmitted the data. Two decades ago, the first phone-based fax machines took six minutes to send a page, used thermal paper that smelled like burnt rubber, and required the user to place the phone headset in the machine and call ahead to let the recipient know a fax was coming. Today, fax machines that use plain paper cost less than $100 and have become common in homes as well as offices.(full story)