NY Times: For Laptops, a New Way to Say ‘Fast’

My spin The New York Times’ perspective on INTEL’s new chip
News Clip: OU’VE got to admit that Centrino is a great product name. Its overtones suggest something that’s simultaneously scientific, upscale and Italian – like a subatomic particle, a trendy restaurant and a resort near Sicily, all rolled into one.
But as the government trademark office will be happy to tell you, the name Centrino belongs to the Intel Corporation. Exactly 10 years after the debut of its Pentium chip, the company unveiled a product last week that it hopes will be even bigger. Intel intends to back its gamble with a marketing blitz that aims to implant the name Centrino in every brain in America – at an undisclosed cost that it says will dwarf the $300 million Pentium-chip campaign.
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