SF Chronicle: 300 get pink slips at Palm

My spin First off, my best hopes and wishes for the laid off staffers. For those of you buying PDA’s this is a TOUGH market for PDA makers with many struggling to survive. If you are not going to buy for fear a company will go out of businesses – I’d say by with safety from most of the PDA makers. IF THEY go bankrupt or out of business someone, a larger company most likely is going to buy them up and most likely support you. I hope.
Palm Inc., the struggling maker of handheld computers, has laid off 300 staffers, about 19 percent of its workforce, the company said Friday.
The firm, headquartered in Milpitas, now employs around 1,300 people, 900 of them in Silicon Valley. About half the laid off employees were let go on Thursday and the remainder throughout the past three months.

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