WordPerfectÆ Office 11 Coming This Spring

My spin I’ve used Word Perfect for years….over 10…when it was Word Perfect for Dos 5.0. I loved it then and love it now. I’ve got to admit though, since many others use Microsoft Word – I know use Word.
News Clip: Ottawa, Canada-March 5, 2003 – Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CORL, TSX: COR) today unveiled the new version of its flagship office suite, WordPerfect Office 11, scheduled for North American availability in spring 2003.
WordPerfect Office 11 combines the best assets of previous versions with new features to improve the workflow efficiencies of users. Building on its strong reputation for value, ease-of-use and flexible licensing options, WordPerfect Office 11 enhances the way users create, exchange and interact with content, providing intelligent methods of collaborating with clients and colleagues.
“We’ve built WordPerfect Office 11 as the intelligent choice for office productivity,” said Graham Brown, executive vice president of software development for Corel Corporation. “WordPerfect users love the quick and intuitive access to features that give them full control over their documents. With WordPerfect Office 11 we’re offering a highly capable product to long time WordPerfect Office users and to a growing number of users seeking an alternative to Microsoft’s cost and strict terms of licensing.”
WordPerfect Office 11 enhances productivity and ease-of-use with intelligent tools for document creation and superior formatting control.
– New Document Map and Collaborative Review functions enhance workflow efficiency while Reveal Codes and RealTime Preview ensure complete formatting control
– A customizable and intuitive interface can be adapted to meet users’ needs and a new Classic Mode features the WordPerfect 5.1 user environment, complete with a blue screen interface and WordPerfect 5.1 keystrokes
– An enhanced legal toolbar adds features from WordPerfect Law Office Editions, including the Pleading Wizard, Concordance macro tool and Publish to EDGAR
WordPerfect Office 11 enhances users’ collaborative capabilities with strong file-sharing features.
– Improved XML integration, built on five years of XML experience, gives users the ability to publish slide shows, spreadsheets and WordPerfect files to XML, enhancing file sharing options and supporting the deployment of content to multiple devices
– Far reaching file sharing capabilities include Publish to PDF features in WordPerfect and Presentations, suite-wide Publish to HTML capabilities, support for ODMA (Open Document Management API) and a new conversion utility to batch convert files from formats including Microsoft Word, RTF and more
– WordPerfect maintains the same file format from versions 6.1-11 providing seamless access to legacy data
– New email Document Routing capabilities and Microsoft OutlookÆ Address Book connectivity lets users collaborate via Microsoft Outlook
– New ZIM SMS Office integration with Quattro ProÆ allows users to update spreadsheets remotely via cell phone
WordPerfect Office 11 is the intelligent choice for power users seeking value, flexible licensing solutions and professional level support. WordPerfect Office 11 offers:
– Access to a full-featured suite of applications at much lower cost than the leading competitor
– Flexible and easy payment options through the Corel License Program
– A wide variety of customer and technical support options, professional services and training solutions
– Ultimate control and flexibility through user interface customization and accessibility compliance
“The file sharing enhancements in WordPerfect Office 11 are making communications with my clients seamless and efficient,” said Hy London, president of Systems Canada, a Canadian R&D tax consultancy, and a beta user of WordPerfect Office 11. “The built-in PDF functionality is an absolute pleasure to work with. The new features, together with the many classic features, especially Reveal Codes, will reduce our operating costs while saving us a very rare commodity, namely time.”
“As a reseller with strong ties to corporate and government markets, I’m very enthusiastic about WordPerfect Office 11,” said Dean Picciotti, President and CEO of Softmart, Inc., a leading hardware and software reseller. “WordPerfect Office 11 presents us with a significant revenue opportunity thanks to the product’s strength in government markets and its licensing flexibility. WordPerfect Office 11 is answering the market’s call for a full-featured office alternative.”
Pricing and Availability
Set for availability in late April, WordPerfect Office 11 will be offered in Standard and Professional editions, with the Professional edition available as a license-only offering to meet the demands of enterprise customers. WordPerfect Office 11 Standard edition has a suggested retail price (SRP) of $299.99US. In keeping with Corel’s commitment to rewarding customer loyalty, existing users of WordPerfect Office will be eligible to purchase WordPerfect Office 11 Standard at the upgrade SRP of $149.99US. A special edition to serve the education market will be available at an SRP of $99.99 US.
About WordPerfect Office 11
WordPerfect Office 11 Standard Edition features the latest versions of the core applications- WordPerfectÆ 11, Quattro ProÆ 11 and Presentations 11. In addition to these applications, WordPerfect Office 11 Professional includes the powerful relational database ParadoxÆ.