Chicgo Sun Times: New WordPerfect lets users replicate old 5.1

My spin I love WP and look forward to testing out WP 11…when I get some time! The “classic” DOS based Word Perfect, compared to our WYSIWYG world of today was clunky and simple. HOWEVER, its simplicity is what made it so strong and easy to use. You just sat down…and started typing. No dumb, animated paper clip in your way!
News Clip: This article is probably the only one in today’s newspaper that was written in the very latest word processing concept–a DOS environment.
OK, it wasn’t exactly a DOS program. And DOS, the workhorse of “IBM-compatible” personal computers until Windows arrived in the 1980s, isn’t new at all.
What’s changed is that the latest version of Corel’s WordPerfect–due to be officially released today–contains a “classic mode.” Click a few settings, and you’re working in good old WordPerfect 5.1, a DOS program. (full story)