Globe and Mail: Intel, Others Join Broadband Wireless Group

My spin While it can be quite confusing to see the profusion of technology protocols developing, especially in the wireless world – it IS a good thing. With the increase of technology choices, consumers get (hopefully) better pricing and obviously more choices. The FLIP side of this is that often the case is that those businesses who invest in the “wrong” choice of technology get stuck with a dead investment if the technology does not grow beyond the initial stages. If you are the 1st person to embrace a new protocol and then the tech committee does not move on with it a) you won’t get any better technology b) it won’t be compatible with other technology c) you’ll have no support.
News Clip: Intel, Others Join Broadband Wireless Group – SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Intel Corp., Fujitsu and other companies said on Tuesday they have joined a group that is working to promote the adoption of broadband wireless access over long distances. The non-profit company WiMAX (World Interoperability for Microwave Access) aims to help cut the cost and time it takes for wireless providers to offer service. (full story)