HP: “Printers will never be a commodity”

I was interviewing Kurt Rockenhaus (Shared Printing Category Manager, HP Imaging and Printing Group) and Rob Wait (US Commerce Marketing Manager, HP Imaging and Printing Group) and Rob explained to me, in answer to my question about Dell and printing, that printing will NEVER become a commodity item as Dell is trying to make it.
He explained that when it’s YOUR document being printed- it’s not a commodity but a very important document. He also went on to explain that making a printer is not as easy as just placing a logo somewhere.
Furthermore, HP is spending $100 million dollars to help business’ better understand, manage and find solutions for their entire printing and imaging needs. HP feels this will differentiate itself in addition to other things (I’ll get into them later one) from Dell and others.
I’ll have MUCH more on this later and my interview with HP in “Small Business Technology Report”.