Information Week: Cisco Takes A Small-Company Focus

My spin Here’s another example. When food is scarce at the top of the mountain…animals come down to the valley to feast. SAP – first big biz focus now smaller biz focus. Cisco and hundreds of others are doing the same dance…but can they REALLY serve the needs of small-mediums sized businesses the way those (such as Intuit, Best, Frontrange, Maximizer, Linksys, Netgear and others) who are 100% (more or less) focused on this market can?
News Clip: Cisco Systems, the leading networking vendor for large enterprises and communication service providers, is focusing more on products for small and midsize businesses and the branch offices of its enterprise customers.
Cisco expects small and midsize businesses to recover faster than large ones, and the vendor wants to be considered when they start buying again. “Six months ago, Cisco wouldn’t even be in the picture,” says one IT executive at a midsize company, who asked to remain anonymous to protect current negotiations with the vendor. “Their prices were too high, and they didn’t have the right products. Now they’re a major contender.” (full story)