Information Week: Microsoft Releases Windows Server 2003 To Manufacturing

My spin Well are you tingling with excitement at the next upgrade to Windows 2003? I’m not tingling but am interested in what new improvements it will bring and if it’s worth the upgrade. Windows NT has significant installed base of users so that crowd as opposed to those who already have Windows 2000. If you want to use web services and you have standardized on Windows, Wndows Server 2003 is the way to go.
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News Clip: Microsoft formally announced the release of Windows Server 2003 to manufacturing on Friday, placing a special emphasis on its total cost of ownership and both operating system and application support for Intel’s Itanium 2.
The server software has been delayed several times since late October as the company flushed out its.Net plans and addressed security woes. Most recently, it slipped a week from its anticipated March 19 release to manufacturing date.
Microsoft claims it invested $200 million and 5,000 programmers in the development of Windows Server 2003. (full story)