Pumatech Buys Rival Starfish

My spin The synchronization market is not a HUGE one compared to PCs and things, as far as dollar value is concerned. However, everyone with a cell phone or PDA MUST synchronize…well they don’t have to but most will. Therefore, this deal is a very good move on Pumatech’s part. I don’t know the details of the money behind this deal so that’s an entirely different issue.
News Clip: Mobile synchronization technology firm Pumatech on Monday announced plans to acquire Motorola (Quote, Company Info) subsidiary Starfish Software, a deal that gives it key patents in the area of enterprise synchronization software.
Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed but it’s a safe bet the price tag is nowhere near the millions paid by Motorola in 1998 to acquire Starfish four years ago. Starfish will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pumatech. (full story)