My spin I wouldn’t go so far as to called Kuran’ts Store Sense “e-business”. It is for sure e-commerce but just becuase it connects to Quickbooks (allowing two-way transfer of data!)…e-business it is not. Having said that, Kurant, for SURE offers a VERY powerful set of tools for customes wishing to go online. A Store Sense / Quickbooks solution would be an “e-business” solution (especially since QB has inventory management and other functions).
News Clip: SAN FRANCISCO ≠ April 7, 2003 ≠ Kurant Corporation, the leading provider of e-business software for organizations that serve the small and medium-size business (SMB) market, today ushered in the next phase of e-business for SMBs. Up until now, large companies have been moving rapidly to bring all aspects of their businesses online, while smaller companies’ needs in this area have gone largely unserved. With the announcement of StoreSense 5.5, Kurant is for the first time enabling SMBs, whether they sell products, services, or a combination of both, to conduct all types of business online easily and cost-effectively.
Traditionally, e-commerce software vendors have targeted their solutions towards enabling companies to sell retail products online, addressing just one segment of the market. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), there are approximately 5.7 million SMBs connected to the Internet, but only a fraction of these are conducting full-fledged e-business.
Kurant recognizes that today’s SMBs require far more than the ability to sell products online, and is the first vendor in the SMB arena to move beyond traditional product-focused e-commerce to transaction-based website solutions With StoreSense 5.5, companies can not only build a web store to sell products, but also leverage their website as a means to conduct and manage all back-end business transactions, such as customer invoicing and recurring bill payment, whether the transactions are generated online or off.
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