News Comment: Gateway

Gateway has done the smart thingÖand not compete head-on with Dell for the “direct sales to corporations” business. By refocusing their energies on the tech enthusiast by bundling plasma TVs and the like with their PCs, they’re in a profitable niche for customers who want more out of their personal computers, and even for those who want a little fun in their business computers (think of the guy with a TV in his office – now he can plug his cable into the TV tuner card in his PC, and always look like he’s working) without having to be hard-core techies, which firms like Alienware cater to. Gateway will do just fine when the smoke clearsÖas long as they can hold out at least another year to 18 months for their re-marketing to cement itself in the marketplace.
R. Jamel Cox, VP of Marketing, Business Development, Lvisioneer
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