NewsFactor: Servers That Heal Themselves

My spin I’m not sure how well this would work since I’ve not seen it in action. However, if there’s a driver that’s gone bad and causing a server (or client computer) to reboot every hour, as happened to me a few weeks ago, it would be nice to get some help on what to do. I found the answer thanks to Google…but what if Dell server I had, did have some intelligence?
News Clip: The phrase “self-healing server” has an almost spiritual ring to it. Few IT marketing promises sound as appealing as this one, and IBM is spending a lot of money to make sure it sticks in the head of IT administrators. But are self-healing servers all they are cracked up to be? Can IT administrators really head to the golf course with full confidence that if a server goes down, they will receive timely pager notification? And how important is it to have servers with self-healing powers? (full story)