Press Release: Netledger Delivers Enhanced Usability Features Across OracleÆ Small Business Suite, Netsuiteô and Netcrmô

My spin I debated posting this announcement as I don’t want to post PR “fluff”. However, in further reading NetLedger’s announcement, it hit me that while it’s very important to create new products and find new customers, it is even so much more IMPORTANT to keep your current customers happy and provide them with “new” solutions, features and “usability” as Netledger announced today. It can be very hard to differentiate one’s package in the market place. But the vendor that comes out shining is the one who can say with product ‘x’ it takes you 20 clicks to do this and that – with our it takes only 3. These things matter a lot when you are short on time and have more and more to do.
News Clip: SAN MATEO, CA. – April 24, 2003 æ NetLedger, Inc., makers of OracleÆ Small Business Suite, today announced a set of new, enhanced usability features across its award-winning product offerings — including Oracle Small Business Suite, NetSuite, and NetCRMô — delivering to users unprecedented ease of use and more flexible customization. The enhanced usability features allow users to instantly access information with fewer clicks; to gain greater visibility of customer data; and to customize the way the information is organized and displayed. In addition, the new sorting and display capabilities in the Web Store increase sales and customer satisfaction by allowing web visitors to sort items by various criteria and to view large numbers of
items in a dense table format. The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL).
“NetLedger’s products are the most widely used application services in the small and medium business market, and this release embodies a lot of the great ideas we get from our large and growing customer base,” said Zach Nelson, president and CEO of NetLedger.
New, enhanced usability features unveiled today include:
Reduce Mouse-Clicks
Greater Data Visibility
Web Store and Publishing
Improved Reporting
The press release went into details on these features, but I’ve narrowed it down here