WebSideStory Launches HitBox Decision Mining – The Most Comprehensive Outsourced Data Warehousing Service

My spin I use the free version of HitBox and it provides a WEALTH of data to help optimize web sites and to find out INSIGHT about your web site – where visitors are coming from; who referred them them to. I’m sure the fee based, premium version is going to be top notch and well worth the money.
News Clip: SAN DIEGO, April 1 /PRNewswire/ — WebSideStory, Inc. ( www.websidestory.com ), the creators of HitBox(R), the de facto standard for online marketing analytics and optimization, today announced the launch of HitBox Decision Mining, the industry’s most comprehensive outsourced data warehousing service. HitBox Decision Mining ( www.HitBox.com ) is a new premium service that allows new and existing clients of HitBox real-time Web analytics to greatly extend their collection and storage of online visitor and customer behavior data. With the new service, businesses can build a valuable data asset for future data mining use. HitBox Decision Mining enables queries and data mining down to the individual browsing session. It is available in two configurations and also includes a new advanced reporting tool that leverages Microsoft(R) Excel(R). (full story)