Archive of May 2003

Tech Web: Adobe Introduces New Acrobat Versions

My spin: Adobe Acrobat – the best way to send documentation and make sure the recipient gets it as you want them too! News Clip: Adobe Systems this week introduced a new version of Acrobat for Windows and the Macintosh (news – web sites), with technology designed to enhance its usefulness for workgroups. The company […]

News Factor: Unanticipated Benefits of CRM

My spin: Does SAP work for News Factor now? They’ve been getting a lot of press there…. But moving right along, another insightful article from NewsFactor about CRM. News Clip: CIOs and IT managers are requiring iron-clad business cases for CRM software purchases these days, which means they tend to have a better handle on […]

Press Release: Small Businesses Say Software Increases Productivity, But Admit They’re Not Investing Enough Money

My spin: Computers give life to business processes. Software gives life to computers. Businesses that want to succeed, that want to move faster, that want to make their customers happier must invest in software productivity. News Clip: SANTA CLARA, CA – May 19, 2003 – Seventy-three percent of small businesses with less than 100 employees […]

Internet News: Bonzi Settles Deceptive Ad Suit

My spin: What’s sad about this is why Bonzi even had to go to court. Get customers. Advertise online. But by all means do things the right way! News Clip: Bonzi Software, a top Internet advertiser, agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit accusing the company of deceptive advertising, according to the plaintiff’s counsel. (full story)