Anchor Desk: Mac vs. PC: Which is better for business?

My spin: no need for my a “my spend” David Coursey’s done a fine job.
News Clip: Can I run my business on Macintosh?”
One of the hazards of having written a book about switching from Windows to Macintosh is that people ask me questions. Recently, I’ve heard the one above from two friends, as well as a guy I met while doing a “Meet the Expert” visit at a local Apple store. My response? You have to want to.
I say so because your business will have to make some trade-offs if it goes all-Mac. All three of my questioners operate small businesses, either by themselves or with a staff of only a few people; all three had plans to grow their businesses to a dozen or so employees. Oddly enough (or perhaps tellingly), one of these companies does tech support for Windows systems. (full story)

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