Cnet: IBM to unveil business desktops

My spin: There’s not a whole bunch of “stuff” PC vendors can add to their notebooks to differentiate them from the competition. Color – old hat. Price – everyone’s doing it (grudgingly). Cool designs – a dime a dozen. HOWEVER, IBM’s found that by tweaking it’s hardware a bit (easier opening case and etc) and more importantly adding impressive value added software (security, management, etc) to its computer line, it can weigh corporate decision makers in its camp. Of course, Dell is not that worried, it’ll just drop prices and even out the see saw again!
News Clip: IBM is thinking differently about desktop PCs.
The company will introduce on Wednesday a new line of desktops for businesses called ThinkCentre, following the company’s “Think” vision for PCs, that are easier to use and therefore should help companies save money.
ThinkCentre desktops combine elements of the retiring NetVista desktop PCs with some new design enhancements and IBM’s ThinkVantage technologies–a special home-brewed software collection designed to make it easier for businesses to address tasks such as setting up a new PC, said Rob Herman, program director for ThinkCentre at IBM. (full story)