Forbes: PluggedIn: Microsoft offers peek into newest Windows

My spin: Should you get all excited about this new OS…not really. Millions of copies of Windows 95 and 98 are still being used. I use Windows XP, just moved from Windows 2000 and both work well. I don’t see myself rushing to upgrade my OS since what I have works just fine for me. Does what you have work fine for you?
News Clip: SEATTLE(Reuters) Upgraded to Windows XP yet?
If not, you might miss your chance, because Microsoft Corp. is already working on the newest version of its operating system, code-named Longhorn, due for release in 2005.
Although Windows XP, the most current version of Windows, is just 20 months old, the world’s largest software maker is betting that users will be ready to upgrade within the next couple of years as personal computers become more powerful, faster and affordable.
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