My spin: Notebook computers are nice and are needed. However, I find that I’d rather (for many scenarios) have a fully loaded PDA than a notebook computer. Mobile Electronics announcement today is proof of that…you don’t need a notebook PC to do a presentation. I’ve used a gadget like this before from another vendor (whose name is on the tip of my tongue as I write this) and they work well.
News Clip: Mobility Electronics’ Handheld Presentation Solution – “Pitch Solo” – Now Compatible with Handspring’s Popular Treo Family
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 13, 2003 – Mobility Electronics, Inc. (Nasdaq/NMS: MOBE), a leading provider of innovative portable computing solutions for the mobile computer user, announced its iGo(-branded Pitch( Solo handheld presentation solution is now compatible with the full-featured, all-in-one devices of the Handspring (Nasdaq: HAND) Treo communicator family, allowing Treo customers the ability to leave their laptops behind and deliver presentations straight from their wireless device.
According to Charlie Mollo, CEO of Mobility Electronics, “This is an important step for Mobility Electronics as we continue to move aggressively towards supporting the growing smart phone market with our iGo products. Supporting exceptionally popular devices such as those in the Handspring Treo family is an important piece of bringing innovative mobile computing devices, such as the Pitch Solo, to broader segments of the population. Selecting top-selling handheld devices and award-winning designs, the Treo 270 and 300, for compatibility with our products helps us address the needs of more mobile professionals and deliver on the full range of market opportunities for the company.” (full story)