MSNBC: Intuit to drop antipiracy mechanism

My spin: I’m not sure if I should kiss Intuit or hit them with a bat. I think I’ll kiss them. Paying attention to customers is one thing that Intuit does best and this is a PERFECT example of it. There’s two reasons why Intuit got rif of it:
“INTUIT HAS A long heritage of doing right by customers, and some of our customers didn’t have the great experience they expect from Intuit,” Steve Bennett, chief executive of the company, said in a statement. “Therefore we’ve decided to discontinue product activation next season.”
“The introduction of product activation technology in TurboTax for the 2002 tax year also failed to deliver the additional revenue and profit growth the company had anticipated, Bennett added.”

News Clip: May 14 ó Intuit plans to strike antipiracy technology from future versions of TurboTax that had sparked a rash of consumer complaints and a lawsuit earlier this year. The Mountain View, Calif.-based software maker will discard its so-called product activation feature, the company announced Wednesday when it reported third-quarter earnings.(full story)