News Factor: Are SMBs Buying Big Software? – Part 1

My spin: The is a continuing saga. ERP vendors selling to businesses. Big businesses are always going to be pitched for new business. HOWEVER, as we’ve read so many times, the real fight is taking place in the small to medium sized business market, where newer, smaller, older, larger businesses often clash and compete head to head for sales.
News Clip: The small to mid-size business space has been attracting tremendous interest lately on the part of enterprise software vendors, at least in part because the large-enterprise market is saturated. The SMB space, on the other hand, is largely untapped.
The opportunity in the SMB space is particularly attractive, because there are more than 62,000 companies with revenues of US$100 to $500 million in the United States alone in this category. And, according to a Gartner survey last fall among mid-size businesses, just 50 percent had even partly implemented ERP , and fewer than 60 percent had implemented CRM.
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