News Factor: Dell to HP: Catch Me If You Can

My spin: I really don’t think the issue has to be a “catch me if you can” scenario. Politically, and behind corporate walls there may be healthy fighting and jockeying for the top position in this or that (servers, services, etc). However, realistically speaking, does it matter which vendor has 9% points of this or 8.5% points of that. If overall execution is done well – there’s room for both (and more) vendors to succeed.
News Clip: When HP merged with Compaq just over a year ago, the combined company surpassed Dell in PC sales — but with continued yearly growth rates of more than 20 percent, Dell had regained the top spot by the first quarter of 2003. However, HP vice president Jim McDonnell told the E-Commerce Times that the new HP has no plans to back down.
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