News Factor: How Apple’s Spam Filter Stacks Up

My spin: I get so much spam. I have no clue what to do about it. What about you. Spamassassin was doing pretty well but now it appears like I’m getting more and more spam.
News Clip: I won’t say I don’t receive pitches for the occasional mortgage discount or Vegas vacation, the latest performance-enhancing elixir or anatomical wonder pills. Somehow those untidy and still slightly amusing offenders still wriggle past my defenses. In general, though, I’ve had good results with a built-in spam stopper in Apple Computer’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) Mail program, which I’ve used daily since it was released with the Jaguar update of OS X last year. Amid the frantic hand-wringing over unwanted e-mail, I’ve heard relatively little mention of this program, so I thought I’d offer my impressions gleaned from nearly 10 months of using the product.(full story)