News Factor: Is There Any Reason To Buy Microsoft Anymore?

My spin: I like News Factor a lot, but this piece was out of the insane department. Of course there’s plenty of reason to “Buy Microsoft”. Sure there’s plenty of other options available. Now any computer user with a small degree of tech savvy could buy an empty box install a NON-MS OS on it, some NON-MS Windows based business applications and NON-MS Windows based games all for free or low cost. HOWEVER, is that the best option. Things crash in Windows as it is, but there’s a zillion options for Windows users like there are not for NON-MS users. There’s more to cost when considering open source or not…but compatibility, user learning and comfort, and other things.
News Clip: The development and growth of the Linux operating system has brought a new question to the lips of IT managers: Why should I buy Microsoft? Almost everything enterprises once found unique to Microsoft they can now find somewhere else, without some of the baggage that comes with Microsoft purchases, like ongoing security concerns and mystifying licensing practices. Enterprises finally have a real choice, and that spells big problems for Microsoft.(full story)