News Factor: Linux Users Willing To Pay the Price

My spin: Now this is interesting to note. The conventional wisdom was the people wanted Linux as it was FREE. But if many are paying for it the secondary reason for Linux could be that it is MUCH CHEAPER than MS software. Also let’s not forget that many do say Linux is much more stable (and secure) to run than Windows.
News Clip: Not that long ago, the common wisdom was that all Linux users were open-source zealots who would not sully their hands on proprietary software. Common wisdom — as it so often does — has turned out to be dead wrong. In fact, many commercial vendors are finding there is a market for their wares among Linux devotees. What is happening is that the user base for Linux is broadening dramatically as the technology becomes more mature. IT managers are “approaching [Linux] without the open-source framework or philosophy,” Peter Heller, senior director of applications marketing at Oracle, told NewsFactor. (full story)