News Factor: The Secret of IBM’s Staggering Success

My spin IBM indeed is doing well and deserves the praise. It’s not just selling PCs, but consulting services and software. A broad range of products and great execution have been IBM’s hallmark.
News Clip: If you just passed on buying a new computer, join the club. First-quarter PC sales figures from Gartner and IDC suggest the market grew just 4 percent in terms of units sold compared with the year-ago period — nowhere near the double-digit gains of the go-go 1990s. As many IT shops sat on their hands, PC makers felt the heat: Hewlett-Packard saw analysts’ 2003 earnings estimates revised downward by 2 U.S. cents, to $1.18 per share, on concerns that computer sales will remain sluggish in the near future. Not all companies are sweating, however. HP’s (NYSE: HPQ) stock price seems stalled at $16, but IBM’s (NYSE: IBM) is sailing along at $86. (full story)