News Week: You ëPinging’ Me?

My spin: FYI
News Clip: IMóinstant messagingóhas already arrived at the office. But businesses may not be ready.May 12 issue ó Walk down the halls in most any office these days and you’re likely to hear the familiar sound of an instant message arriving on someone’s computer: “Ping!” The technologyó”IM” to its devoteesóis like a rapid-fire e-mail that’s instantly sent and received, popping up on top of everything on your screen, as if someone stuck a Post-It note there. About a third of today’s 200 million IM users worldwide are doing it at work. As it turns out, the tool that was so popular initially with teenagers is also great for doing business. Analysts predict that by 2006 IM will overtake e-mail as the primary communication tool at work.(full story)