Newsweek: Southwest Airlines, Colleen Barrett’s President and COO of South West Airlines Hates E-Mail

My spin: Youv’e really got to read this article. I’m sure there are many executives who can sympathize and agree with Colleen. HOWEVER, I think not having email is a detraction for most execs. Maybe not at the hightest level, if you have a good staff to take care of thinngs online for you, but overall, execs should feel free to limit their email use but not NOT use it…YIKES!
News Clip:
PIERCE: Southwest doesn’t accept customer complaints via e-mail, only snail-mail letters and phone calls. Why?
BARRETT: I think it is a horrible way to communicate. It’s hard enough sometimes to decipher what a person means in a written communication that they might have really spent some time on. For some reason, people seem to think that everything they learned about English grammar, spelling or whatever has to go away, and you don’t have to worry about it if you do e-mail. So if we allowed e-mails, instead of contacting the customer once, we would end up contacting the customer at least twice, because the first contact would be to get clarification, and you know what? That’s not productive as far as I’m concerned. And everything that we do is about productivity. Everything. I don’t want to handle one file three times. I want to handle it once, and I want to handle it right.
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