NY Times: On the Web, Without Wasting Time

My spin: (Maybe I’m just dense…but I’m getting a feeling that Tuesdays is NY Times – SMB day)
News Clip: HEN Alan Lethers, a small-business owner in San Luis Obispo, Calif., thinks about the amount of time, money and energy that can be spent on a Web site, he is reminded of an old saying, “You’re so busy fighting the alligators that you forget you’re supposed to be draining the swamp.”
At Mr. Lethers’s company, which is called Patio Pacific, America’s Finest Pet Doors (petdoors.com), he and his nine employees must first look after receiving supplies, taking orders and manufacturing and shipping its products. Working on the Web site is another task to be squeezed in. “We little guys have a hard time devoting the resources we need to do it,” Mr. Lethers said.
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