NY Times: A Once and Present Innovator, Still Pushing Buttons

My spin: Story of how Dan Bricklin, creator of the spread sheet is reaching small businesses via his company, Trellix, now owned by web hosting company Interland.
News Clip: CONCORD, Mass. — EARLY one morning last month, 14 small-business owners gathered around a table and, over coffee and muffins, spoke for the next two hours of their curiosity and qualms about taking the technological plunge into Web sites, company e-mail addresses and perhaps even selling over the Internet.
They ran genuinely small businesses, most with a handful of employees, some sole proprietors among them. They sold bridal clothes, antiques, jewelry, security systems, flowers, herbal-care products, greeting cards and gourmet foods. Most of them said they used e-mail-messages regularly, but none had company e-mail addresses or Web sites.
This focus-group session was one of dozens sponsored in the last few months by Interland, a company that is hoping to cash in on the potentially vast but tricky market for helping small businesses get online. Behind the one-way mirror at this session and others sat Dan Bricklin, Interland’s chief technology officer. His job is to study how small businesses do, and do not, use technology ó the needs, wishes and fears of their owners. Then, he must try to design simple, affordable software tools to give them what they want.
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