Press Release: IBM printing systems division REAFFIRMS CHANNEL COMMITMENT AT 9th ANNUAL

My spin: I told you…Ikon, IBM and others have plans to make money from printing for sure BUT NOT via the expensive after market sales of paper and toner / laser cartridges per se. See my article “Printing, does it have to be expensive?”
News Clip: Enhances Incentives for Business Partners, Helps Explore Ways to Reduce
Total Cost of Print for Customers and Outlines Synergy with IBM SMB Division
BOULDER, Colo., May 5, 2003….IBM Printing Systems joined with 160 of its top business partners from Europe, Canada and the United States last week at its 9th Annual Business Partner Conference.
“In today’s competitive environment, business partners need to be smarter and more focused on solution selling,” said Jerry Rafferty, Printing Solutions Sales, Denver Solutions Group, an IBM Business Partner. “Throughout the conference, IBM showed its commitment to helping their business partner community expand their value-nets and enable them to provide the most comprehensive solutions possible to better satisfy customer requirements.”