Press Release: The Next Evolution of E-Commerce – Tango Trade

My spin: The press release says it all: “Imagine having a transactional component, like eBay, a peer-to-peer component, like Napster, and a chat/IM component, like AIM or Yahoo Messenger, smashed into one application — you then have Tango Trade.”

News Clip: SAN DIEGO, May 6 /PRNewswire/ — A small ‘garage’ based Southern California company has innovated upon existing Internet technologies to create the next evolution of e-commerce. Usage and proof of concept has received overwhelming response during its beta phase and is soon ready for the mass market. Tango Trade, a real-time peer-to-peer trading community was the brainchild of Robert Latko during 1996. “Ever since I saw Pointcast, a client/server desktop application that pushed news information to a user’s desktop, I thought what a spectacular potential this would be for direct procurement in the B2B and B2C markets. Imagine having real-time trading opportunities sent to you on your desktop,” says Robert Latko. “Eventually during the dot com days we got sidetracked into creating a website. It seemed every venture capitalist we talked to about the client application wanted a website. So we did one — a site for international trading opportunities and subsequently, we went through the whole routine of ramping the company up.” (full story)