Press Release: OpenAir Continues Strong Revenue Growth into 2003 Adds 27 new customers and increases net revenue 57%

My spin: No mention of profit here…but – It’s really great to hear about small companies doing well and I’m really glad for Open Air. They don’t have software that’s going to compete head to head with some of the larger companies, although many larger companies have parts of their software that could probably do what Open Air does. Here’s a bit about OpenAir
OpenAir is the Web-native professional services automation solution that helps independent software vendors, marketing services companies, consulting firms, and internal corporate service organizations increase top-line growth, improve operations and enhance financial controls. OpenAir customers increase profits by capturing additional billable hours, increasing employee utilization, streamlining project management, accelerating revenue, enhancing collaboration, improving revenue recognition and project accounting, and sharing knowledge and best practices throughout the organization. OpenAir has helped over 500 companies across six continents increase profits through the subscription-based OpenAirÆ
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News Clip: Boston, MA (May 2, 2003) ≠ OpenAir, the leading mid-market professional services automation (PSA) software provider, today reported results for the quarter ending March 31, 2003. OpenAir increased net revenue by 57% over the first quarter of 2002 and by12% over the prior quarter. these gains come on the heels of more than doubling net revenue in 2002. Q1 growth was driven by the addition of 27 new customers in service firms, embedded service organizations, and internal IT departments, as well as increased penetration into existing customer organizations. OpenAir has now increased revenue for sixteen consecutive quarters.