RemotePipes, Inc. Launches Innovative New Dialup Internet Access Service Targeted at Small Businesses While Announcing the Divestiture of MaGlobe, Inc

My spin: Worldwide dial-up access is very important for travelling businesses. Remotepipes pricing is VERY competitive and dirctly competes with offerings by Gric.
News Clip: MINNEAPOLIS, May 22 /PRNewswire/ — RemotePipes, Inc., a leading provider of global prepaid and post-paid dialup Internet access services, formally launched its TollFreeISP(TM) branded Internet access service May 14th at the Strictly Business Technology Expo in Minneapolis, MN. The service was previously available on a limited basis to select customers. “Since our launch on May 14th we have already signed up new customers in five states, which is ahead of our expectations,” said Doug Bonestroo, president and CEO of RemotePipes.
The company is also announcing that MaGlobe, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of RemotePipes, Inc., has been sold back to the former owners. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.
Bonestroo added “Since the summer of 1999 and prior to founding RemotePipes(R) in February 2000, I have envisioned a low cost global toll free dialup Internet access offering for the masses. Now, after three years of building a substantial offline business, we finally have the online retail offering we wanted — branded as TollFreeISP(TM). Whereas all other ISP’s are built on the premise that local access is primary and toll free access is secondary, or toll free is not even offered at all; we founded this company on the basis that low cost toll free dialup Internet access would be our primary mission and we would provide local access as a secondary offering. The newly branded service, TollFreeISP(TM), enables us to sell our services to anyone in the world 24 hours per day and every day of the year.” (full story)