Blogger and Bloki get upgrades

I use Blogger Pro to update the news section of and was pleasantly surprised to see an entirely new interface and an overall improved service when I recently logged on.
Bloki a Blogger complimentor (one of many), also got an upgrade with the following features:
o Bloki’s the first Web hosting service with in-place editing. Click New Page, enter your information in a Word-like WYSIWYG editor, save, the page is added to site and its nav menu. Need to change something? Browse to the page, click Edit, make your revisions, save.
o Our core focus is on workgroup collaboration, To give your workgroup access to private pages or editing capabilities, you just paste a list of email addresses in
form. Bloki automatically locks pages to keep people from stepping on each other’s edits, and keeps a revision history so you can see who changed what when and roll back as necessary.