Cebit Coverage: Digital Experiance

Last night there was a pre-Cebit press and analyst only reception feature about 40 companies showcasing their latest and greatest technology.
Here’s the scoop:
HP, Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu are all debuting new notebook computers – there’s the 5+ lbs ones and then what caught my eye – the ones that are less then 4lbs There’s some VERY good notebooks being launched – the hard part is finding the one that meets your budget and with the features you need.
PDA’s are still hot and being stuff and utilized to do more and more – GPS (it works pretty well, multi-media and more). Handspring’s brand is going to be dissolved and folded into Palm (my hunch from things I heard last night).
MCI was there, showing off its IP based telephony solution – amazing (No WorldCom name around though)
Lexmark has a full line of very nice looking and hopefully useful printers – range of prices and features.
Ebay was there too – more on this later.
Colligo, has a Groove like product to enable workgroups to be set up and start sharing data quickly and easily. Pretty neat and much smaller client application than Groove – in fact you can use it on a PDA!
I’ll have a full report on Digital Experience later on!