Cebit Coverage: Hottest Companies

I’ve just finished browsing one half of the Javits / Cebit show floor and indeed, attendance is very light. However as an MSBNC article recently mentioned, Cebit is reaching for the “business elite”. Hence, having less of a crowd – might just be a place.
So I present to you some of the best companies, at Cebit for small businesses technology. I’ll have a full list compiled, most likely, by Friday.
Future Dial
Future Dial has three software programs to integrate your phone and computer. SnapSync synchronizes your phone and Microsoft Outlook on your PC (later on other applications such as Palm Desktop, Act, and other address books and date book applications will be added)
Snap Dialer, lets your PC use your cell phone to access the Internet (Sprint and Verizon only)
Snap Media lets you put MIDI tunes from your PC onto your phone. Also you can assign photos to callers so they appear on your cell phone when they call.

PrintMe is a neat solution for mobil professionals, enabling them to print from any Internet connected device to ANY PrintMe enabled printer. If someone emails a document to your cell phone or PDA simply print the document to any nearby (or far away) PrintMe enabled printer.
NTT DoComo
Japan’s based NTT DoComo hoped to offer its services (not only avaialble to Japan customers) in the US in 2004 or later on in a deal with AT&T. Their brightly lit booth dozens of phone samples were absolutely amazing. I saw a pair of phones that was doing some pretty decent video-phone applications. Using propriety technology i-mode over the 2/2.5 and 3G networks, NTT is able to offer a wide range of enhanced multi-media services. I don’t understand a lot about this technology myself, but to their web site and read…it’s coming to America.