Cebit Coverage: Show Stoppers

I just got back from Show Stoppers, held in the Marriott Marquis Hotel, a media only event, similar to Digital Experience (see my earlier posting about that) but with MUCH better food (as always) and a higher caliber of exhibiting companies – more energy, buzz and excitement.
Gigabyte Technology
Gigabyte Technology is a neat company based in Taiwan with US and other branch offices that makes computer mother boards, graphics accelerator, PCs (for sale by retailers), and various peripherals such as routers, wireless LAN cards, mini USB hard disks and etc
Dymo’s got a line of little label printers that are cheap enough but useful enough to be a must have on the desk of every business. Instead of printing a sheet of labels in your word processor or printing one label on a whole sheet, and then wasting the sheet – use a Dymo product to print just the number of labels you need. f you need to code folders, boxes, tapes and etc Dymo also has products to meet that need as well.
Lap Link
Laplink was showcasing their latest (I presume) Laplink Gold software and were giving out to the press USB cables. Laplink competes directly with who was also in the house. I’ve used and it works well also. What I like about Laplink, other than the fact that it’s been around for so many years are the variety of connectivity options. Via modem, network, PC to PC (parallel, serial, or USB) or wirelessly!
I get so much spam and was therefore quite interested in hearing what Mailblocks had to say about their product! It’s $9.95 per year for 12MB of storage and a 6MB attachment allowance or $24.95 per year for 50MB of storage and 6MB attachment allowance.
I’m going to give it a try – if it blocks my spam – you’ll hear about it from me.
Avocent, leader of KVM switches had an interesting device the Cstation. This appliance enables you to take your PC and extend it to an end user up to 800 meters away from the desktop – imagine PC Anywhere on steroids if you will.
You take your PC, put in a special C-Link PCI, string Ethernet cable to the C-Station, connect a keyboard, monitor and mouse to the C-station…and voila you can control that PC. Why – maybe you want to save space. Maybe the environment you are working in is going to possibly damage a fragile PC..the possibilities are endless.
Micro World Technology
Micro World Technology makes eScan an anti-virus product (for desktops and for enterprise wide usage) and Mail Scan which not only scans for viruses but compresses and decompresses attachments, scans content and more.
Deja View
Deja View’s not really your most “business oriented” product. However…it’s a wearable camera (your hat or glasses) that records that last 30 seconds of what you just viewed. Let’s say you are at a baseball game watching your son play ball. With a traditional camera…by the time you take a photo he’s already hit the ball and slid into home base. However if you have Deja View once you see that action – you press a button and it stores the last 30 seconds!
I really hesitated to put ReCellular on this list. However, I think their service has merit and is interesting. If you want to get rid of a batch of old cell phones or want to buy some…you now know where to go.
Vcom and Aladdin Systems
Vcom and Aladdin Systems are jointing bundling and selling their products so I’ll include them both together here. Check out their web sites for a lot more information. But they make a range of computer usability tools that should be on every desk top (file compression, partitioning, security, you name it – they’ve got it).
Zone Labs
You’d think Zone Labs has been around since dirt, but it’s actually only been since 1997. They make one of the most popular personal and corporate firewall products for computers.
InFocus is one of the most popular projector makers. However at Show Stoppers I saw with my very own eyes a sub 2lb projector – the LP120! (about $2,799 It’s small, cute and powerful. To further excite me there’s a $500 add on you can buy that will wireless communicate with your WiFi enabled PC to get your image (presentation, web site, whatever) form the PC and wirelessly send it to the projector.
Executive Software, which kind of competes with Aladdin and Vcom makes three software products – Diskeeper (keep your hard disks running smoothly), Sitekeeper (asset management, software versions, etc) and Undelete (recycle bin on a power bar).
Nimble Microsystems
Nimble is a fully working PC appliance that serves as an always on personal video conferencing and Internet access device. Your PC is not the ideal tool for professional quality video conferencing. Nimble’s device gives you quality video conferencing, in a small appliances that’s quiet and easy to use.